Executive Coaching

For time-challenged business leaders seeking to achieve more profitable growth and for leaders feeling isolated as they deal with critical decisions, through Vistage, The Agilant Group managing principal  Evette Beckett-Tuggle leads CEOs, executives and business owners monthly in a confidential peer advisory group.

The peer group setting enables business leaders to hear diverse perspectives on their issues and opportunities and make better business decisions.

The proof is in the ROI.

A 2015 analysis revealed that companies that joined Vistage over the past 5 years grew 3 times faster than the average U.S. company.

Through monthly peer learning workshops, one-to-one executive coaching, expert speaker presentations and an exclusive online business community. It’s called the Vistage Advantage™.

Business leaders make better decisions, get better results and lead more fulfilling lives.

With more than 20,000 members from 16 countries, Vistage is the world’s leading chief executive organization with a primary mission of increasing the effectiveness of top business executives.

The average tenure of a member in a Vistage peer group is 7 years.

Learn more about Vistage: http://www.vistage.com/

Contact: evette.beckett-tuggle@vistagechair.com